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Army Real Talk: Military Spouse J.D. Network

June 8, 2020

The Military Spouse J.D. Network (MSJDN) chips away at barriers to legal careers for military spouses. Karen E. Scanlan, Immediate Past President, MSJDN, describes how the organization came into existence as part of her efforts while job seeking as an attorney and military spouse. MSJDN supports military spouses in the legal profession by advocating for licensing accommodations for military spouse attorneys; educating the public about the challenges faced by career-minded military spouses and their families; encouraging the hiring of military spouses; and providing a network connecting military spouse attorneys with each other and their supporters. Recommendations for future topics are welcome via email at

  • Guest: Karen E. Scanlan, Immediate Past President, Military Spouse J.D. Network

  • Co-hosts: Nzinga Curry, AUSA’s Director of Education & Programs, and Patty Barron, AUSA’s Director of Family Readiness

Army Real Talk, a segment of AUSA’s Army Matters Podcast, aims to help AUSA and the Army better connect with the younger generation.


Military Spouse J.D. Network
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