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Army Real Talk: Project Inclusion

June 14, 2021

Today marks the U.S. Army's 246th birthday! LTG Gary Brito, DCS G-1 and Mr. Anselm Beach joins us to highlight how far our Army has come and its commitment to being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive force. Listen as they discuss the Army's work to build a culture of trust and inclusion. Learn about the progress the Army has made through efforts such as Project Inclusion, the People First Task Force, and Your Voice Matters listening tour. To learn more about Army G-1 and their efforts follow them at the social media platforms listed below. 


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  • Guests: 

    • LTG Gary Brito, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1
    • Mr. Anslem Beach, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army – Equity Inclusion Agency


  • Hosts: 

    • Nzinga Curry, AUSA’s Director of Education & Programs 
    • LTG (R) Patricia McQuistion, AUSA Senior Fellow



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