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Elmo’s Journey from Sesame Street into the Military Family

April 18, 2022

Did you know that Elmo’s parents are in the National Guard? For the last fifteen years Sesame Street have been running a program for Military Families giving over 750,000 military children videos and resources they can use to understand their world. Sabrina Huda of Sesame Workshop chats with Family Voices host, Thea Green, to discuss her own unconventional journey to Sesame Street, what resources Sesame Street for Military Families (SS4MF) provides, and what Elmo, Rosita, and Big Bird are like in real life. To learn more please check out their website linked in the resource section below. 


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  • Guest: Sabrina Huda, Project Director, Sesame Workshop


  • Host: Thea Green, AUSA’s Deputy Director for Family Readiness



Sesame Street for Military Families (SS4MF) 


Sesame Street in Communities



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