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Family Voices: Together We Will – Operation Deploy Your Dress

August 16, 2021

AUSA is teaming up with Operation Deploy Your Dress (ODYD) in their mission to deploy America's patriotism one dress at a time. Yvonne Coombes, ODYD Executive Director and co-founder gives insight on how together we will be able to offer new and gently used formal wear to military members and spouses. Hear about ODYD’s latest efforts including their new Bridal Boutique and upcoming pop-up event at AUSA. To learn more about Operation Deploy Your Dress please check out their website linked in the resource section below. 


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  • Guest: Yvonne Coombes, Operation Deploy Your Dress, Executive Director and Co-Founder



  • Host: Holly Dailey, AUSA’s Director of Family Readiness





Operation Deploy Your Dress (ODYD) 


Facebook: @OperationDeployYourDress

Instagram: @ODYD1

Instagram: @ODYDBridal

Twitter: @ODYD2017

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