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Soldier Today: Brain Health with BrainSpan’s Dr. Johnston

February 7, 2022

Why don’t we focus more on keeping our brains healthy? A lot of research has gone into answering that question. Today, SMA(R) Dailey interviews LTC (Ret) Dr. Daniel T. Johnston about the journey of becoming a doctor, understanding the brain, and mental fitness. Dr. Johnston is a leader in preventative healthcare, brain performance, and human resilience. He also co-founded BrainSpan. BrianSpan provides healthcare providers with a scientifically validated, objective brain wellness assessment that can help improve your brain’s function today as well as keep your brain sharp as you age.


  • Guest: LTC (Ret) Dr. Daniel T. Johnston, Co-Founder, BrainSpan


  • Host: SMA (Ret) Daniel Dailey, AUSA’s Vice President for NCO and Soldier Programs







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