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Special Edition: Military Family Transitions + NCO & Family Opportunities at AUSA’s 2021 Annual Meeting (11-13 October)

October 6, 2021

What are the keys to success for military family transitions? We have a treat today with SMA Michael Grinston and his wife Alexandra joining AUSA’s SMA (R) Daniel and Holly Dailey to share tips on settling into a new location, including Army programs that can help.

Also, what’s coming up at the #AUSA2021 Annual Meeting for NCOs and families? The Senior Enlisted Couple for the Army also describe the events they are participating in at AUSA’s 2021 Annual Meeting (11-13 Oct): Family Forums, Senior Leader Town Hall and Modern Protocol & Evolving Traditions.


  • Guests:
    • SMA Michael Grinston, Sergeant Major of the Army
    • Alexandra Grinston, Spouse of the Sergeant Major of the Army


  • Hosts:
    • SMA (Ret) Daniel Dailey, AUSA’s Vice President for NCO and Soldier Programs
    • Holly Dailey, AUSA’s Director of Family Readiness




AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting & Exposition (11-13 October)

America’s Army and its People: Transforming for the Future



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AUSA’s NCO & Soldier Programs


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