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Special Edition: Ready & Resilient (R2)

April 21, 2021

How does the Ready & Resilient (R2) campaign increase readiness, foster culture of trust, and team cohesion? SGM Sharita Onugha, Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Resilience Directorate, joins us today to share how the R2 campaign offers programs and training approaches, grounded in Army values, to increase readiness and resilience.  


SGM Onugha highlights some the most requested programs such as Five Dimensions of Personal Readiness, Master Resilience Training, and Resilience in Focus that have been impactful in enhancing resilience Army-wide. Hear how Soldiers, Families, and DA civilians can access one of the 32 performance centers that customize performance training to sustain personal readiness and unit cohesion. You will learn that when these educational tools are applied, they will resonate with our Soldiers and Families fostering a culture of trust that will last a lifetime. For more information on the Readiness & Resilience campaign check out the website in the resource section below. 


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  • Guest:  SGM Sharita Onugha, Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Resilience Directorate


  • Hosts:
    • Nzinga Curry, AUSA’s Director of Education & Programs
    • LTC Brittany Lloyd, AUSA Army Fellow




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