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Special Edition: Team Ignite - Bringing Together Futures Expertise in Different Domains

November 30, 2020

Team Ignite is creatively linking science and concepts to change the Army’s approach to modernization.  Dr. Jean Vettel and COL Stephanie Ahern of Army Futures Command describe how Team Ignite is “cultivating a culture of connection” between soldiers, scientists, and other technology experts to modernize the force.  Using 2035 as a focal point, Team Ignite is integrating expertise from technical, conceptual, threat and operational domains to imagine “what could be” and catalyzing action to develop the future Army.

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  • Guests:  

    • COL Stephanie Ahern, Director of Concepts, Futures and Concepts Center (FCC), U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC)
    • Dr. Jean Vettel, Chief Scientist, Futures and Concepts Center (FCC), U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM)
  • Host: COL(Ret) Dan Roper, AUSA’s Director of National Security Studies



AFC Futures and Concepts Center
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Army Futures Command
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