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Thought Leaders: Hunting the Caliphate

November 25, 2019

Colonel Daniel Roper, U.S. Army retired, host of Thought Leaders, interviews Major General Dana J.H. Pittard, U.S. Army retired, and Master Sergeant Wes J. Bryant, U.S. Air Force retired, authors of Hunting the Caliphate: America’s War on ISIS and the Dawn of the Strike Cell. Called the definitive book on the war against ISIS, this is a vivid, first-person account from two vastly differing but converging perspectives. Pittard, who retired from the Army in 2015 after 34 years of service, served multiple combat tours in Iraq and the Middle East, and in 2014 led the initial U.S. response to stop the rise of the Islamic State group in Iraq. Bryant retired from the Air Force in 2018 as a master sergeant. In 2014, he was the tactical lead for a contingent of special operations Joint Terminal Attack Controllers to first set foot in Iraq to stop ISIS.

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