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Army Real Talk: Talent Management Part 2

October 14, 2019

Host Nzinga A. Curry, Director of the Institute of Land Warfare at AUSA, along with co-host LTC Eugene Irby, AUSA's U.S. Army Fellow, revisit the topic of Talent Management as a follow-up to Army Matters' 23 September interview with MG JP McGee on the topic. A group of Army Talent Management Task Force (ATMTF) experts, LTC Lucas Hightower, LTC Cayton Johnson, MAJ Greg Lockhart and MAJ Maria Hough, provide a deep dive into talent management initiatives, including assessments like the GRE, brevet and merit-based promotions, the Battalion Commanders Assessment Pilot (BCAP), and the new Army Talent Management Process (ATAP).

Talent Management Part 1 with MG JP McGee, Director, ATMTF:

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